Friday, June 25, 2010

Rainbow Pudding Pops & Sidewalk Paint

We had such a FUN day today.  The kids and I made some sidewalk paint (equal parts water and cornstarch with food coloring mixed in).  They had so much fun that I had to make some more.  I bought some disposable foam brushes at Dollar General.  They came in various sizes, about 15 in one bag for a buck fifty.  For hours of fun, it was definitely worth it.  I ended up having to run to the store for more cornstarch and food coloring.  All total, I probably spent - 7 dollars for an afternoon of fun.  Not bad in my opinion.

I also made some rainbow pudding pops.  I found the recipe at Kelli's blog.  She has tons of fun ideas too.  You make them the same way you make the rainbow cake, only you use pudding and then you freeze them.  The little kids loved these.  For some reason, Zach's didn't freeze as well and he ended up having to use a bowl to eat his and then Sarah's started to melt off the stick, so she had to grab a bowl too.  They had a lot of fun eating them....The waiting was the worst part LOL! But, the smiles on their faces were just priceless - I just love love love my kiddos!

I used 3 boxes of instant vanilla pudding and food gel colors (just like with the cake).   I divided the pudding into equal parts in bowls and added the food coloring.  I, then, layered the rainbow colored pudding into clear plastic cups.  Next, I added a popsicle stick to the middle and popped them in the freezer.   I'm not sure exactly how long they were in the freezer, because I didn't keep track.  But, my kids also kept opening the drawer over and over again, so it took longer to freeze them.  I can tell you that I made them this afternoon and they were ready for dessert after dinner.

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