Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I think SUMMER has gone to his head!

I very rarely write about Anthony.  Not that I don't have things to write about him, or that I love him any less.  It's just that he's a fairly private person and likes to keep to himself.  He hangs out mostly in his room with his laptop and video games.  But the kid doesn't look like your typical "video kid".  He's plenty active, has a pretty good physique (muscles and all).  He's just a quiet boy.  His friends are more likely to come to our house, than hang out at their own.  I don't mind, since he has pretty good friends.  They like to hang out and play video games and rock band.  When they have sleepovers, there isn't any sleeping involved, its just an all night, pizza eating, video game playing night. 

We host them pretty regularly.  His friends don't even pay any attention to Nathan running around in his underwear anymore.  I guess they're used to it now.  Sure, it sometimes gets a little rowdy (mostly from my boys), sure they argue about some things (again, mostly my kids).  Sure, they eat alot.  I know, because I usually feed them.  I swear one of them knows the exact time we have dinner, because that's when he usually happens to show up LOL.  Like, I said, we don't mind.  I make plenty of food most of the time anyway. 

The funny thing about Anthony is he just doesn't think.  You know how that old saying goes...that geniuses rarely have common sense.  That's Anthony.  And yes, he is a genius.  He's been tested (along with Amanda - they're both in the 140's, not that I'm bragging).  Not only does he not think....he also doesn't listen.   Here are just a few examples of the past few weeks.....

Rich told Anthony to cut back some of the branches on the trees in the back of the house.  He very specifically said "by the stairs".  When we went outside to check on the progress, not only did he cut back the ones he was told to - but also the ones on the side of the house.  And not only did he cut them back, but he cut them down to the ground.  Oh - Yes, he did!  We are now shrub-less.  Thanks Anthony.....Job well done!  When Rich questioned why he did it.  He said "Mom told me to cut them all down."  Um, no mom did not say that.  Nice try though.

Anthony has his learner's permit now.  And he is under the BIG misconception that since he knows how to use the riding lawn mower, that he knows how to drive.  Rich has been teaching him, because I'm way too chicken to.  Rich said "He's Scary, realllly scary!!" LOL! See, now people thought I was a tad bit crazy when I joked around saying that I made a deal with Rich that I would change diapers, if he did driving lessons.  LOL! Who cares about a little poop, when it comes your life and sanity, right?! Even Amanda said it was scary.  She rode in the car one day with the both of them.  I was telling her how Rich said he drives so bad that I'd be peeing in my pants.  And she said "Uh yeah, he's would."

Rich said "It's a good thing I told him he had to keep his permit for a year before he got his actual license, cause he's going to need it."  Again, I just laugh to myself and think how smart I was when I made the whole poopy diaper/driving license deal. 

Oh, and getting back to the whole sleepless sleepover thing......Asking your mother at 11:00 at night if you could have a sleepover that same night - Not the best idea.  I don't mind the sleepovers....But I do like some sort of notice.  You know, like say at least a day or two.


Debbie said...

I have an Anthony in my house too! Especially the tree trimming part:)

Emmy said...

Yes you are very smart. I can't imagine teaching my kids to drive someday.

And well since the bushes are gone you won't have to worry about trimming them :)

Kristy K said...

I love this post!!! The bushes incident sounds like something my younger brother Jesse would do. If you can't do a job right, then don't do it :).