Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Stuff Sarah Says....

My Sarah is 12.  She's always been a talker.  I absolutely LOVE that about her.  I take her with me when I go for my walks...she literally talks my ear off the entire time and before we know it we are back home and it hardly seemed as though we even started walking.  She's great.  She's fun.  She's imaginative.  She's a big ball of energy.  She's breaking into that horrible hormonal stage.  I'm not ready for her to grow up yet.  She cracks me up.  She's My Girl Friday.  She still likes hanging out with her dear old mom. 

She is always telling me these off the wall funny things that she does and thinks.  She's something else.  And she always tells it like it is.  She may not intentionally try to hurt your feelings, she's just brutally honest - to.a.fault.   She once broke a tree branch (yes, a little tiny tree branch) and came running inside crying to her daddy about how sorry she was for breaking a tree branch, because she was just doing a normal kid thing by hanging off the branch when it broke.  But she felt just awful about breaking it and thought she would get into trouble.  That's just the kind of girl she is.........I hope and pray she never changes!

I wanted to write down all the funny things she says and share them with you.  I guarantee, she'll have you laughing too.

...........After working on a school project about budgeting money she said ---- I'm just gonna have to marry a husband that's good at money and all that.  Because I don't get interests, and banks and stuff like that.  I'll work and he can do the money stuff.

...........She spent an hour telling me about her "boyfriend" when we were walking one night ---- A is a nice boy, he's not like the other A I went out with (LOL).  And my other old boyfriend C is stupid.  He was doing some jumping thing while we were skating at the school picnic and he kept falling on his knees on purpose and then at our baseball practice he kept complaining about his knees hurting.  What a goofball.....Isn't it weird that I started telling you this story when we were down by so and so's house and now we're almost home and I'm still talking about?!

...........Mom, these boys at baseball practice kept saying stuff about me having boobs and I don't have any boobs yet.  Do I?

...........I wish they let girls play baseball instead of softball at school.  That's just not fair and it's really sexist, right?

...........Hey Mom, I know how to use the washing machine now.  And I promise that I won't just wash my stuff like Amanda does with her's, just don't make it one of my chores though.

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JDaniel4's Mom said...

What a great relationship you to have. The talking walks sound great.

I also want to thank you for the encouragement about baby books. I really want to get it together.