Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Moms That Blog (The Interviews)

Introducing......Lorie - She's a former teacher, now a stay at home mom.  She loves doing crafts with her kids and of course, reading lots of books to them and that's what makes her a great Mom That Blogs.

Tell us a bit about yourself......I've been married for 4 years.  I have a 3 year old son, a 2 year old daughter, and a 11 year old stepdaughter.  Until this school year, I was a reading teacher for 10 years, mostly working with middle school students.  Now I'm lucky enough to be staying home for a while to be with my little ones.

Tell us 3 fun facts we may be surprised to learn about you.....
1. My dream jobs (in no particular order) would be: writing novel studies for young adult books, blogging, taste testing at Hershey's. I sort of do all those things already but to do them as a job and get paid for it? Oh my goodness.
2. I like trashy television. If Housewives is in the title, I'll watch it. My favorite is Project Runway and (get ready to cringe) Dance Moms.

3. I'm a naturally messy person and my husband tends to be neat. But not in a way that benefits me. For example, right after our second baby was born and the house was in shambles, he proudly announced that he'd organized the dish towel drawer.

When did you first start blogging......I just started last August.  My sister suggested it and I kept thinking about it.  It seemed good to have something outside of the kids and house to think about.  I like projects and especially planning projects.   I'm a project sort of person.  

What is your blog about....... My blog is about the books and matching activities I do with my preschoolers.


Why do you blog....... I just really like it.  I like when somebody tells me that they've read a book I've recommended and their child loved it.  And you "meet" really nice women.  I'm even starting to like the coding/technical part of it which used to scare me.  Although sometimes it still makes me mad when I can't figure it out.

Must read blogs that you visit daily........ Jackie at Ready. Set. Read! always has great book recommendations and activities. Her kids are about the same age as mine so I know if her little ones liked it, mine probably will too. There are so many wonderful children's books out there that it's impossible to know about them all and her blog is a great resource for finding new ones.

I always like to stop by Crayon Freckles to see what Andie and her little Bear are up to. She's really creative and has really cute ideas for activities to do with him. I also link up to her Tip-Toe Thru Tuesday party and find good ideas there too.

Repeat Crafter Me and Come Together Kids, and Inspiration Laboratories always have the cutest projects and I get inspired every time I stop by.

Come Together Kids

There are lots more that I love.  I could spend all day being amazed by the creativity out there.

What inspires you.......My kids. (Does everybody say that?) I spend a lot of time thinking up exciting projects for them and forget that they are thrilled when they see a bird.  Or a dump truck. 

Do you have a bucket list - name a few things on it........ I don't have one, but I'd like to see Ireland.  Drink a pint there.

Do you have any blogging advice that you would like to share........I'm a pretty new blogger so I don't have much advice yet, but I'd say be ready to learn new things.  Just the other day, html codes started to make a tiny bit of sense to me and it was like learning to read all over again.  It was actually pretty exciting!

To learn more about Lori and her kids crafty blog.....check out Reading Confetti.


  Reading Confetti is also on facebook.

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