Sunday, March 18, 2012

Rainbow & Pot O' Gold Mobile

Materials: rainbow colored and black construction paper, yarn, an empty paper towel holder, scissors and glue.

Thread the yarn through the paper towel holder and tie it in a knot (leaving enough of it to hang the mobile from).

Using one sheet of each, cut the rainbow colored paper into strips.

Wrap the strips one at a time, side by side around the paper towel holder and glue it closed.

Continue until the holder is covered.

Next, make paper chains using the remaining paper strips

Cut two pots with the black paper and circles with another sheet of yellow paper.

Thread another piece of yarn through the tube and glue it to the top of one of the pots and six strings to the bottom of the pot.

Make a small hole in the chains and thread the yarn through and knot it (so that the chain can hang from it).

Glue the other pot on top  (so that the yarn is covered and inside the pots).

Glue the yellow circles to the pot on both sides.

All done....

How cute is this???

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