Friday, March 09, 2012

what a day.....

woke up to pillow stuffing everywhere....the puppy ripped a hole in her pillow and managed to pull the stuffing out.  I really shouldn't complain, because even though she's a puppy, she really doesn't chew up that many things.  she pretty much leaves our shoes, furniture and things alone...but her pillow...hey, it is her pillow, right?

next, the dog and the cat are trying to stake out their territory in the house...which means the cat who is a bazillion years old keeps trying to "teach" the puppy who the boss is in this house.  the dog barks at the cat, the cat takes a swing and hisses at the dog...the dog barks louder and run around knocking stuff over....repeat...repeat....repeat - ten thousand times a day.  our old dog bandit...who really is old...doesn't really mind the puppy much.  so that's a relief at least.

then, the puppy must have eaten something it shouldn't because it had/has the poops for most of the day, and she is for the most part house trained, but she does have her accidents......uh, yeah....gross!

the school called...nathan was complaining about an upset tummy and needed picked up.  on the way home, his "sick" list got longer as he was upset by a tummy ache, a head ache, a scratchy throat and more...he pretty much crashed on the couch when we got home.

i can't take the fighting that my kids are doing much longer....amanda lives a half hour away and goes to school, but she refuses (she says she tried, but i doubt that seeing as how many places there are available to work) to get a job closer to where she works, she still works here which means at least three sometimes four times a week we have to travel and pick her to take her to work, because she doesn't have her own car.  it has gotten to the point of ridiculousness.  everyone who has to drive and pick her up is tired of running....what she doesn't realize is that not only is gas expensive, but that it literally takes an hour and a half to drive there and back and drop her off at work....and while she helps pay for gas now (most of the time), we still waste time out of our busy days running after her.  it has caused alot of needless fights in our house...between rich and me and rich and anthony and me and anthony and anthony and amanda and amanda and me and rich and amanda...well you get the point.  today is one of those days...where rich basically told anthony to go get her or else...because rich doesn't feel well and i have been dealing with dog crap and kid sickies all day.  it is so much needless stress and somebody refuses to see reason.  now anthony is upset and amanda is, well, being amanda.  and what's worse is she has to work all weekend, so the whole house will be in an uproar all weekend. 

it's going to be a longggg weekend....wonder if the kids have discovered all my hiding places yet?

chocolate....i need chocolate....

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