Thursday, August 01, 2013

back to school - are you ready?

I'm not.
I have been enjoying my lazy summer days of sleeping in and not stressing about school projects and homework or worrying about how I'm going to get everyone to their destination while I'm trying to focus on my school work too....
Nope, so not ready!

I mean reallllly not ready....usually at this time, I am feeling stressed out about the kids fighting and making me nutso and praying the days go by fast...til cartwheel time in the school parking lot.
but seriously this year, I just don't feel that fact I think I'll be dragging my feet all the way til August 26 comes along.  I freely admit I've been stressing out seeing back to school sales and commercials more than ever this year.  I have no idea why.
But, just because I'm not ready, doesn't mean you aren't
so with that in mind I'm sharing one of our favorite and popular 'back to school' crafts.
The back to school countdown calendar..... 

I took a sheet of black construction paper and cut some red construction paper to make a border around the black.  I printed out several sheets of school images for Nathan to color and cut out and then glued them to the black paper.  I got these sheets HERE

I also found some number print outs at DLTK.  Then I took some sheets of construction paper and cut them in half.  I glued the numbers to the middle of the construction paper.  And let the kids decorate the sheets of paper with all sorts of fun stuff.....feathers, beads and various stickers.  It was so much fun that I actually made a few myself. 

When all the glue dried, I punched holes in the tops of each of the numbered papers.  I also punched holes in the bottom of the black sheet.  I took some leftover mis-matched ribbon and tied it all together.  Now all the kids can countdown to school in a fun, cute, creative way.

Ugh, just looking at my little making me dread back to school even more.


MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

That's a great craft...but that was going to be my comment, too. "LOOK AT YOUR BABIES!!!"

Hope you enjoy these last few weeks, Charlene! :) :)

Charlene Juliani said...

thanks...I'm going to try to enjoy them, but it's been so stressful around here lately. one day at a time...that's my motto for now.