Wednesday, August 07, 2013

styrofoam cup shark craft

this craft has been all over pinterest...made with either styrofoam cups or flower pots.
we chose to use the styrofoam cups.
all you need is some cups
blue paint
google eyes
blue foam board
white paper (or foam board)

the boys painted two cups blue and glued them together.

they also glued a small circle of cardboard on the bottom to make a base for the shark (but this step isn't necessary).

after all the paint and glued dried

the boys used zig zag scissors and cut shark teeth out of white paper.

they also made fins using the blue foam board, they made little tabs to insert into slots on the cups to hold the fins into place.

 the boys glued their shark teeth and google eyes to the shark and made slits to insert the fins into place.

super easy craft for kids....and an awesome way to celebrate 'shark week'


Jolene said...

It would be a hit in our house!

Charlene Juliani said...

it was pretty easy to make too!