Thursday, August 08, 2013

what do sharks eat?

we learned during shark week that sharks don't actually eat people.
most of them eat other fish, sea lions and things like that.
and some of them eat random things like garbage.
but the boys still had fun imagining all the things that a shark would eat if it could eat anything it wanted....which led us to this fun little project.
we had Sarah draw us a shark on a large sheet of paper.
Nathan decided to paint his with water colors
While Nick chose to color the outer edges of his with pencil
then the boys cut pictures out of old magazines of things they thought a shark would like to eat.
Nathan chose a truck, a few people, a cat and even pie...
Nicholas picked a goat haha!
there are a lot of fun books that you could incorporate with this project...a few worth mentioning are:
hope you are enjoying shark week as much as we are!


inspiredmontessori said...

Hilarious! Any boy would just love this. Pinned it into my Ocean Unit!

Charlene Juliani said...

LOL...thanks :)