Friday, August 16, 2013

Field Trip Fridays - Laurel Caverns

The kids and I recently took a trip with our local library to Laurel Caverns and also Ft Necessity.
Today, I will share about the Laurel Caverns.
from the website:  Laurel Caverns is a large natural cave located 50 miles south of Pittsburgh.   Most of the passage ceilings in its three mile labyrinth are between ten and twenty feet high (many as high as 50 feet) with an average width of over twelve feet.  This makes it the largest cave in Pennsylvania.  The cave itself is situated beneath a 435 acre privately owned geological preserve.  Because this property is at the top of Chestnut Ridge, all of the water that enters the cave is pristine.
The views from the mountain are incredible.
waiting for the tour to begin...
The tour we went on was about an hour long and took us about 14 stories deep underground.  Some of the passage ways were narrow or low to the ground.


They also offer cave rappelling, spelunking and educational field trips as well as the traditional tour (which is what we took).

At an additional charge, you can also pan for gemstones, fossils or play mini golf.

We opted to play mini golf which was held inside a cave like area...It was dark and hard to see in some areas but we all had fun anyway....a few of the kids are pretty good at it.
 Amanda even got a hole in one. 
I think I tied with Nathan for - ahem, last place :)
To learn more about the history of Laurel Caverns you can read about it here.
Up next week....Ft. Necessity and Mount Washington Tavern.


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