Thursday, August 29, 2013

fun afterschool snacks....

what kid doesn't love a super fun afterschool snack?
i try to have something to offer my hungry kids after school, doesn't happen everyday
but i aim for at least once a week to offer them something fun,
other than plain old pbj sandwiches. 
 usually, it's cookies or cupcakes
but i've been seeing a lot of cute and creative goodies on pinterest lately,
so i thought i would share some super fun and adorable snack ideas with you.
here's some of my faves....

chocolate pretzel owls
oreo frogs
breadstick snails
apple owls
popcorn bar
while i see nothing wrong with cookies or cupcakes or even plain old pbj's
who wouldn't love coming home and seeing one of these awesome treats?
happy snacking!
*for more fun ideas....come check out my pinterest boards.

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