Wednesday, January 20, 2010

More Crafty Fun

Nathan's been asking to make a rainbow craft for the last week or two, so yesterday I came up with this idea.

All you need is construction paper for all the colors of the rainbow, glue and some cotton balls.

We ripped up the paper into scraps

Then, glued them onto another piece of paper in the shape of a rainbow.

We then added some cotton balls at the bottom to make clouds.

It can be a bit messy with the scraps of paper (Nathan wanted to throw them around like confetti when he was done with the rainbow). But it's a pretty easy craft and looks cute when it's done.

Today, I wasn't feeling very creative, so we took the easy way out. I decided to let him practice cutting and glueing. I got these cut outs from First-School. I printed them out and we both took turns with the cutting. He did the basic outline of it and I just "spruced" them up a bit. Then he colored the different decorations and glued them onto the snowmen. And we added some pipe cleaners for the arms just for fun.

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