Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wrestling Pics

Remember Nicholas' last wrestling match...the one that he lost, but went down with a HUGE smile on his face?

Wellll, this afternoon he went to his second match and WON both sets of matches. The first one he won was 4 to 6. And the second one was 6 to 1. He had to wrestle a girl his second match. I told him earlier that if he had to wrestle a girl, than he should pretend it's Sarah, since those two are always fighting LOL! When it was over I asked him if he pretended she was Sarah and he said no, but he really wanted to win, because he didn't want to have to say he lost to a girl Hahahaha! He really did a great job and I was SO proud of him today. He behaved really well while he waited for his turn, although he did keep saying he was hungry. I told him we would make a day out of it and go to McDonald's when it was over.

So, as promised I took him to McDonald's and he got a Happy Meal. He ate half of his fries and said I'll eat the rest when we get home. I said why don't you eat it now. And the little booger said "I'm not hungry." After all that whining about being hungry while we were at the match, he then tells me that he's not hungry ??? Sometimes I wonder why I even bother trying to understand these kids.....

Great fighting stance, huh?

His shoe flew off lol, they had to call a time out while his coach ran over and helped him put it back on and tie it again. Those shoes are made to be tight and they are hard to get on, so I have no idea how his came off.
And the winner is.......
Bring it on....

The score ended up being 1 to 6 (see the green tape over the number 6?) Nicholas was green.

I still don't understand what the heck I'm watching or the rules or how they score the points. But I don't really care, cause MY BOY WON!!! WoooHoooo!
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