Monday, January 18, 2010

Other Fun Stuff We Did Today

Strung up this little line in the kitchen to display Nate's art better. Amanda told me that his art is taking over the kitchen.....I think she may be right!
Oh and Nathan told me that I hung one of his pictures upside down - LOL! As if I would know....sorry kid!

Second attempt at making bread...I think it's better than the last time, not quite right yet though...but I'm getting there.

Made this for dinner...Pot Roast

Made these today for dessert....Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies.

I still have some laundry to do. And some other things that need to be rearranged and gone through. A woman's job is never done....a mother must have said that one!


Wisconsin Parent said...

so hungry now! and i always love when you "accidentally" hang the artwork upside down.

Miranda said...

Your bread looks delish - looks just like my Mom's bread always looked!!

Awesome artwork by the kids - you should be proud.

I need cookies - you send? *nod*

Hope you have a lovely day dear!!