Saturday, January 16, 2010

Stupid Crap...

Is it sad that my 16 year old daughter has nicer bras than me? As I'm washing her laundry, I see all these cute patterns and colors and then I see mine - boring white, maybe a pink one thrown in there, with holes and the underwiring ripped out. Because once that wire pops a hole through the material and starts poking me in the boob, I just rip it out the rest of the way. Which then makes one boob "perkier" than the other, if you know what I mean by that lol. Sure I could go and buy myself some nice new ones, but I know damn well that once I hit the stores I'll gravitate towards the white ones, for practical reasons. Wouldn't my hubby be shocked one day to see a hot pink cheetah printed bra?!

I love our new Wii. It really keeps the kids occupied and active. Way better than just sitting in a chair clicking on a control playing the PS or whatever. The Wii gets them moving. The only problem with it is I wish we had more than one system. Because I get so tired of them constantly fighting over what game they're going to play, whose turn it is, etc. And yes, I realize that I could buy more controllers, but still wouldn't it be nice to say you two play on this tv and you two go play on that one.

I swear listening to Sarah's whining and complaining about everything, that that girl is going to start her period very...very soon. I just got into the swing of Amanda's mood patterns and now I'm dealing with Sarah's constant moodiness. One minute she's a happy girl, my girl...who likes spending time with me and hanging out and doing fun stuff and the next she morphs into this alien that screams everything is stupid and I swear her head spins in circles when I'm not looking. Another 6 years or so of this.....Makes me really happy that I have 4 boys and only 2 girls. Even if those boys leave rocks and chewed up candy in their pockets, and Matchbox cars all over the stairs for us to trip on and little fake spiders, to scare their mother witless, all over the house. Mmm, yeah compared to the hormones...I'll take the boys.

Did you ever notice that when girls fight with each other, the fight lasts for days? They give each other the silent treatment or scream at each other. And it literally goes on for days, weeks sometimes. But when boys have a disagreement, they just throw the punches and then spend the next half hour laughing about it. They get mad at each other for as long as it takes to fight and then they end up being friends again. People are so weird!

I realize that I was so much more creative as a parent when I was younger....I mean when it came to doling out punishment. For example, Amanda once colored with a red crayon on my white refrigerator (when she was about 3 years old) and I made her scrub it all off until it was gone. That girl never colored on anything other than paper ever I live with crayon colored walls, because I've been too lazy to parent the younger kids the right way.

I swear I watch way too many crime shows. Then I project everything I watched onto my kids. "No, You can't walk to the house next door by yourself...someone might try to kidnap you." When we were kids our parents let us loose and didn't worry until it got dark and even then we still played outside catching fireflies and playing hide and seek in the dark. But my poor kids don't have this luxury (Unless I'm at work and it's Rich's turn to watch them).

I made a craft with Nathan the other day and when the twins came home from school they said how come you never did this kind of thing with us. I lied and said I did, but the reality of it was this...there were two of them. They fought over everything when it came to me. I couldn't ever just hold one of them, I had to hold both of them. And with two kids...well there was twice the mess to clean up. And frankly when you spend your whole day scrubbing poop off of their bedroom wall (Yes, those pesky little trouble makers used to play in their diapers and smear it on the walls - Disgusting!), you really don't feel like cleaning up art stuff - if you know what I mean.

I went to the grocery store today and used my coupons. I used so many that I thought the cashier was going to crap herself when she saw me pull them all out. The upside was I saved over $40...So take that lady!

And there you have it, all my stupid crap thoughts....ain't life grand?
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