Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Boy, I'm glad I don't have any body issues....

Some fun stuff my kids have said about me this summer.....

Amanda - Your toes are small and weird!

Nathan - You are nice and soft and you smell weird

Amanda - (to her dad as I fell asleep on the couch while watching a movie with her) - what is that noise - God mom snores alot - How do you sleep with her every night?

Sarah - coffee stinks, how do you drink that stuff.  It makes your breath smell too

Anthony - Man, you're short mom, everytime I get in the car to drive my legs hit the steering wheel

Nicholas - You're a big meanie head.

Nicholas - everything is taller than mom

Nathan - Wow you sure have alot of spots (freckles) on your face mom

Sarah - Actually she has freckles everywhere Nathan

Nathan - I'm glad I don't have a bunch of freak-les like Mommy

Zachary - You have really small feet.
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