Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ll is for Lobster

Even though school is just around the corner, we are still working on letter recognition with Nathan.  Yesterday we learned about the letter L and made a cute lobster craft to go with it.  I saw this lobster craft on the Handprint and Footprint Art blog.  I thought it was really cute and knew we had to do it when we did the letter L.  Here's a look at Nathan's handiwork.  We got the L worksheets at First School.

For the lobster craft....the paper plate is just to pour the paint onto

Paint one foot red

Stamp the foot onto the paper

Caught RED handed - Busted!

Glue on some wiggle eyes, Draw a face and call it Done!


Cassie said...

That hand/footprint lobster is SO cute!! Great idea!

Emmy said...

Cute!! He is going to do great at school

kewkew said...

love the hand and foot print lobster, will definitely have to keep that in mind

J. At Your Service said...

I had my girls reading but I should have tried more artsy things (that probably would've been more fun for them, hah). Now following you from MBC. Hope you can drop by and follow as well! :)

tawna6988 said...

Found you via bloggy moms, please follow me back I just followed you. Add me to twitter and I will follow you as well.

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Eastlyn and co. said...

Oh that lobster is too cute! When I worked at Parent's Day Out, parents always loved artwork that involved body parts. I'll have to share this with my mom who will be working at the PDO where I used to work this fall. You are such a fun mom to take the time with Nathan and all of your crafts. He is one fortunate little boy! -EW

Kyrstin said...

I love the lobster -we are doing this next week!!

The Attached Mama said...

Oh my goodness! Is that lobster cute or what!? You are so creative.

I host a feature on my blog called the Ultimate Alphabet Craft Collection. Would you be interested in linking up your alphabet crafts? I think many people would gain a lot of inspiration from your ideas.

You can view the collection here: