Wednesday, January 05, 2011


Santa brought all four boys Nerf guns this Christmas.  They used to play with them all the time, but over the years the guns broke, or they lost the darts and balls or simply just lost interest.  Then, Amanda asked Nicholas what he wanted for his birthday in November and he told her a Nerf gun.  She bought him a laser tag Nerf gun pack (came with two guns), so that Nathan could play too.  As it turned out, all the boys were playing with them and fighting over the guns ensued.  

Enter more Nerf guns, with each boy getting one for Christmas and Nicholas (who specifically asked for more) got a few more.  Now not a day goes by when there isn't a dart flying past my head.  Or walking into a room with darts hanging from the ceiling.  It's funny watching them battle with each other.  It's even funnier when they gang up on Anthony.  Anthony is a pretty good big brother, in as far as letting his younger siblings hang out in his room and playing with his Wii (that he bought with his own money).  And occasionally he still wrestles around with the boys and lets the little ones think they win.

Get Him !!

Don't you just love the look of determination on his face, to hang on.  LOL!

Just think of them as built in leg weights Anthony....
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