Monday, January 10, 2011

This is why I hate working

I came home last night to find that that damn not me kid broke the remote to the tv in the living room
This is the second time they've done it
Rich was able to fix it the last time...

(pic from google images)

That's even worse than coming home to a missing remote.
If it's just missing at least there is hope that you can find it.
A broken remote, just means no tv and SILENCE

You would think I would relish the silence.
And honestly, most days I would love to have some peace and quiet

But, I don't really like it too quiet. 
Too quiet means someone is getting into something that they shouldn't be.
Too quiet means they are coloring on the walls and plotting and planning against me.
These ears of mine have been well tuned for almost 18 years now.

I like background noise.
It's what I'm used to.
Not a day goes by where there isn't something going on to hold my attention
Silence just freaks me out.

I'm seriously going through withdrawls.
Let's face it though, if I did have a remote
I wouldn't really be watching the tv anyway
I would be listening to it, from another room.

So, I come home to a complete mess.
Amanda made cookies
And then left them out on the counter ..... all night long
And left a nice, well, not so nice little mess for me this morning
Cookies stuck to the tray....looks appetizing, no?

Not to mention that......

No one gave Nathan a bath, even though I texted three of them to remind them.
The poor dog was left outside and it was freezing out there.
My laundry room looks like it puked up dirty clothes (Mt Everest has nothing on this pile - trust me)
There was playdough on the table that no one put away.
The clean baskets of clothes that needed to be put away was still sitting in the same spot.
There were dirty dishes in the living room under the couch

I'm thinking to myself this morning, why bother cleaning it up
I have to work again tonight
I'm sure it'll be just as nice when I get home.
A nice little "welcome home mom" surprise, just for me.
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