Monday, January 03, 2011

I'm So Thrilled With Myself

It's the little things, I swear. 

I bought this little end table at the Salvation Army.  It was marked down to 5 bucks and they were having a 50% off sale on everything, except furniture.  When I carried it up front the girl said "There isn't a furniture sticker on it, those stickers are different.  This just has a regular sticker on it, so it's your lucky day."  And she gave me the table for 2.50.  I think I paid more on the paint than the table itself LOL! I dragged it downstairs before Rich could see it, because I know he would have said "You paid money for that thing!"

But it sure looks cute now....sportin' it's pretty navy blue color. 

Navy blue has been my "go to" accent color in the living room.  Not sure why, but I love the way it looks with the wall color.  I made Rich paint all my shelves navy blue too.  I have three shelves in the living room now.  The first one I paid $10 for and it had this little "lip" thingy on the bottom.  The other two didn't have that (and the two together cost half the price of the original one, $2 for one and $3 for the other one), but they looked close enough to match.  So, Rich in all his handy dandy glory made the little lip thingy for the other two shelves and with their matching coats of paint you can hardly tell they aren't a matched set.  

Funny thing was when I bought this one at a yard sale the lady told me that it was a little scuffed and that I "might" be able to get it out with some lemon oil or something.  She said I don't think you can stain it or paint it.....Oh really??

Looks pretty good painted to me.
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