Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Morning....

Woke up 5 mins late....

Woke the boys up 3 times before they rolled out of bed.

Separated the fighting.

Yelled at them for goofying off, intead of getting ready.

Despite having washed just about every piece of clothing in this house....

I still had to run around looking for pants for both boys.

{What do they do with all their clothes?}

Hurry Up or You're going to be late

Eating breakfast.

Fighting over the cereal box

Nathan spills cereal all down the leg of his pants.

Go change your pants, I saw a pair of black ones in your dresser

He goes to the bathroom and proceeds to swipe the cereal off his pants and onto the floor

When I ask him if he at least used a towel...he said I was going to clean it up

Great big HUGE mess of soggy cereal all over the bathroom floor.

Gee thanks I needed something else to do this morning.

Come on let's go already you're going to be late

Mom, Nicholas is bothering me

Mom, I can't find socks

MOMMM get Nicholas to stop bothering me

Get Nicholas to leave me alone mom

Great! now we are late!

Hurry Up!

Mom, I can't find my shoes

Mom, untie my shoes

Mom, tie my shoes

Mom, I think I need to change my pants after all, these ones feel wet.

Oh My God hurry up already!

Where did you put your shoes?

What do you mean you don't know, you just took them off.

Hurry, get your coats on.

Let's go....c'mon

Stop fighting

{Charlene stop YELLING}

Boys, please stop fighting.

Buckle up!

Would you please stop goofying off!

Yup, you're gonna be late.

Mom, why are we late?

Great mom, thanks for making us late for school.

{Hmm, somehow I knew this would be all MY fault.}

Hurry up and get in there.

Proceeds to gander slowly down the sidewalk....

In zig zag pattern.

Yep, totally my fault, huh?

I mean, I am the MOM afterall!

Late ~ Just Great!
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