Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday Randoms

* I found some really cute stuff at the thrift stores recently.....

This little beauty was only 5 bucks!

(Excuse the Nerf darts and other toys on the floor - Kids!)

$1.50 for these 2 little gems.   The bowl on the right matches another thrift store find from this summer.  And the jar on the left matched another jar that I bought at a different store in another town.

See, almost a perfect match

I paid $3.78 for these, I thought I would paint the basket and use it to hold cooking utensils in the kitchen (I'm using an old terra cotta pot to hold them in now).   The apothecary jar had smelly, weird soap in it (which I dumped in another container at the store ha!)

This little jar was 50 cents.

These little planters were brass when I bought them.  I spray painted them white, they look much better this way.

* Which leads me to another thought ----- Our cat is eating these plants!! He gets fed plenty of food, in fact he's actually kinda fat.  So I can't figure out why he's doing this.  But if you look really closely, you can see the nibbling he has done on the darker one. 

Does anyone know why he is doing this? Or how I can get him to stop it? We haven't had any plants in this house for a long time (because in the past I have killed them).  Now that we have them, I'd like to keep them pretty, instead of looking so dog eared or having the cat kill them!

* And speaking of killing things.....Why, oh why oh why, do teenage boys not care about their hygiene as much as girls do.  I swear, I just went through this with Anthony and now Zach is doing it.  I have to remind and pretty much threaten him to put deodorant on.  As if it's a major chore to contend with.  He never wears deodorant and he pretty much stinks all.the.time.  I have no idea why he doesn't care, but he simply doesn't. 

I have talked to other mothers of teen boys (when Anthony was doing this) and they said the same thing...their sons never wanted to put deodorant on either.  I tried buying him the spray, the sticks, etc.  Thinking different kinds might help.  I tried taking him and letting him pick out his own.  His brothers and sisters are constantly teasing him and harping on him, telling him that he stinks, and yet he still doesn't care.  Ugh! I know this will change eventually, it did with Anthony, but still how long can I last smelling him.  Boys are smelly creatures anyway, why do they have to make it worse? LOL!

* I totally need to clean the fridge!! Talk about smelly things....I swear something crawled inside it and died.  It stinks and I reaaallly need to clean the thing.  But I've either been too lazy or working or doing other things (ok, I've been too lazy - there I admit it! I really HATE cleaning the fridge).

* Which leads me to question, why my kids must open the fridge door a thousand times a day.   I swear that's really how often they open the door.  I should know, since my computer desk is next to the fridge (you would think that would motivate me to clean the stinky thing, wouldn't you? hahah).  Seriously, though they are constantly opening the fridge, starring in there and closing it again.  They do this non stop all day long, as if something will magically appear to be in there since the last time they opened the door.  Why do they do that?? It makes me crazy LOL!

* Another thing that's been bugging me lately is laundry.  Every time I ask Amanda for help with the laundry, she either does one load...washes only her clothes...or takes everything out of the dryer and throws her stuff in and then proceeds to leave the rest sitting in a basket in front of the dryer, until I check on the laundry and discover what she did.  Here's what's really bad, the day of my surgery I started the laundry (thinking someone will finish it for me since they were all home from school on Christmas break).  Well, a few days later I decided to do some laundry and wouldn't you know it...the exact stuff that I put in there the morning of my surgery was still in the washer, soaking wet of course {Huge Sigh!}

* Did I mention how hard this has been to type? I damn near cut my left index finger off yesterday while cutting a styrofoam square down to size, while working on a project.  At first, I thought - Ow that hurt, it's not that bad....then blood started gushing everywhere (as appendages do) and I had a heck of a time trying to get a bandaid on my finger while there was blood spilling all over the place.  I kept thinking what a dumb ass I was to cut myself.  I almost never cut myself (knock on wood) when preparing meals, but I cut myself doing something stupid.  I bet if I went to the ER they would have put some stitches in it...probably 2 or 3, it's that bad.   But I'm thinking the pain of the stitches would be far worse than the throbbing it's doing now, so I'm not going.  It'll close on its own or I'll use butterfly strips to hold it together til it heals.  Yes, I'm a BIG chicken when it comes to needles and doctors!

* Oh and guess what else I did....I started ripping the wallpaper off the wall in the kitchen.  Eeeep! There's no turning back now, baby! The white cabinets really brightened up the room, it's almost shocking when you come in and see them.  They look great! I'm really happy with the results and can't wait to get the rest of the room put back together.  It's going to look nice when it's done....can't wait.  (Didn't I already say that?)

Still a work in progress, as you can see.  But it's getting there.  Much to my horror, Rich said "hey this counter doesn't look that bad like it is....HUH? And then says why don't you just paint the walls to match the green in the paper and get a green counter too?  Uh, cause that would look butt ugly! And if you ever want another home cooked meal from me again, you might not want to let that thought cross your mind again!

Well, better get back to work and finally tackle that really stinky fridge, before my kids decide to open the door again and make me smell the nasty thing LOL!

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