Friday, September 05, 2008

Blog Trip ~~ Day Five aka Last Day (part one)!!

I think I'm going to do this last day entry in two parts, because I have way to many things I want to share on the final day. I have buttloads of pictures and a few videos. I want to share the videos, because they are kind of neat to see. The man takes you from the courthouse to the locations of the day. The courthouse is located in Waynesburg and I guess you could call it the capital of Greene County. Waynesburg is just another town, albeit it bigger than Carmichaels, in our county.

I posted a few videos. But, you can watch more by going to You Tube and typing in Farley Toothman. The videos are pretty neat because he shows you some of the local history of our area (e.g. the clock tower on the courthouse, the Nemacolin mine, etc.).

I think everywhere he goes is free and some examples of things you can do around here. The man that is narrating is Farley Toothman. He is a local attorney. The videos are great because some of the places have limited access and he goes in (with permission, of course). He is a little quirkey and funny.

Here you go,

Stay tuned for the second part of the final day of the blog trip - the pictures!


CynthiaK said...

What a peaceful looking place! Looks like a lot of the areas around here in Southern Ontario. I especially like the covered bridge. Romantic!

Great to 'meet' you and virtually tour your part of the continent!


PMKU said...

Very cool! I love your pics too. A drive in!? That's fun and that bridge looks familiar, like in a movie. Can't remember which one though.