Monday, September 08, 2008

I'm being grounded this morning.

Why am I being grounded? Well, Rich gets his prescriptions delivered by the pharmacy (not his choice, the doctor's). On Friday, I was home ALL day long (because I basically have no life). Supposedly the UPS guy knocked on the door and I didn't hear him, so he left a note saying he would be back on Monday (between 10-2).

I swear either the guy didn't knock at all or very lightly, because I didn't hear a thing and Nathan is pretty quiet.

So, now here I sit waiting for the guy to come back. With my luck, he won't be here until 2. I don't really have much to do today. I do have some cleaning, laundry and a few other things. I think I'm going to finally try picking out a paint color for the living room, but don't count on it. And tonight is Open House night at the school. I think it's Monday - elementary school, Tuesday - high school, so I'll be doing that later. I have no idea what I'll fix for dinner later. Pretty boring day, huh?

** Update, the package has landed! One less thing to worry about today!

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