Monday, September 08, 2008

Questions for the Ladies

Would you feel comfortable with a boy in the ladies room? How old is too old for you?

I'm asking because I know some people have a problem with it, however as a mom of four boys, I don't. I think my boys went with me (Nate and Nick still do) to the ladies room until they were about 8 or 9 years old. This especially happened if Rich wasn't with us. When Anthony turned 9, I very hesitantly let him go by himself to the men's room. I stood right outside the door and I'm sure there were a few men looking at me funny when I was trying to peer through the door each time it opened. Now, most places have a "family room" and I think its about damn time! They need to add a few more too, one isn't enough!

I am a very protective mother, VERY protective. A few years ago my father in law once asked if Rich and I would think about sending the kids down to Florida one summer (by themselves on a plane - eek!!!!). Rich looked at me and could just read the fear in my eyes and answered "I don't think Charlene's apron strings are long enough for that." Good Boy!!

I was once in the rest room at Kmart with, I think, Zachary at the time. He was maybe five years old. This woman came out of the stall and started shaking her head and said "boys shouldn't be in the "ladies room"." (and yes she used the "quote fingers"). "I hope he doesn't touch me." I thought to myself, the boy doesn't have the plaque, he just has to pee. And then she started to walk out of the bathroom without washing her hands. So I said to Zachary in a really loud voice. "She didn't even wash her hands - I hope we don't buy anything she touches." She turned around and looked at me, but I didn't care at that point.

Maybe I watch too much tv or read too many news stories (I AM addicted to reading the newspaper). Maybe I'm just paranoid, but I refused to send my son to the men's room by himself or make him wait outside while I go. I don't care about pleasing some stranger I'll never see again. It's safety I'm worried about. Until they are old enough, I'll endure the dirty looks and take my little ones with me.


Anonymous said...

I am with you on this one. I would not send my little boy (if I had one) into the men's room by himself.
Good for you with the comment to the lady in Kmart. Did she really think that a 5 year old boy was going to do something inappropriate!?
I have a little girl but I still wouldn't send her into the restroom by herself. You don't know who is in there or what they'll do. At all costs, you need to protect your children. So what if you get stares from people that you will most likely never see again.

TxGambit said...

My oldest boy was about 5 when eh stopped going with me. That was mostly because HE refused to go in the ladies with me. So I would stand RIGHT by the door.

He takes L in and has since L was about 2 or 3.

But I do understand what you are saying and wouldn't judge you. I mean, hello, he is a little boy! What is he going to do?

TxGambit said...

That should have said "He" not "eh"... Duh to me! :)

~B. said...

I've gone rounds on this subject on the good old BHB on Babycenter.

Thing is...the ladies room is WAY safer than the mens room will ever be on any given day. That's just a fact.

This issue is not easy at all. G is horrified to use the ladies room with me, but depending on where we are...he has no choice. He will usually hold it, if possible. And I will always hold it myself before putting him through such humiliation. We've managed to sidestep it all summer through planning. But plans don't always work out either.

nanaygin said...

Here in my country, most ladies restrooms in malls actually have urinals for little boys in one corner. Others have family restrooms which is ofcourse a lot better.

I don't think you're paranoid. If I had a boy, I won't let him go to the men's room on his own, too.