Friday, March 12, 2010

Five Dollar Fridays

Another fun idea......I saw this idea on the Frugal Family Fun Blog a few weeks ago and thought it looked like a fun thing to do.  Since I'm already addicted to dollar stores and love finding fun, cute stuff, I thought why not share my finds with everyone while I'm at it. 

The first few things, I bought were for future craft projects.  Cotton can never  have enough cotton balls, even if you don't use them all for craft projects, they can be used for many other things.

I also bought some Contact Paper for another project.  The same blogger had a really cute project they did with contact paper which I am going to copy in a few days and do with Nathan.

Next, I bought some Foam Stickers - for you guessed it another project I'm planning on doing with Nathan in the future.  I LOVE foam stickers, even though sometimes the sticky part doesn't stick so well and you have to use glue.  But they come in cute designs and fun colors, we love them.

I also bought some Gardening Gloves.  And of course, I had to buy them in PINK.  As a self professed "indoor girl", digging my hands in dirt wasn't the best gardening experience.  I LOVED having a garden and LOVED the fresh vegetables and strawberries that we picked from it, but I didn't love getting my hands dirty or seeing bugs crawl past my bare hands while I was planting things, or having my hands burn when I was picking hot peppers off the vines.  So to me, even if they are a little too big (I have small hands and one size fits all are always big on them), they were totally worth that buck.

And lastly, I bought this little Apron for Nathan.  As we were walking past it, I saw it and thought it was cute.  So I asked Nathan if he'd like to have one to use when he painted.  Of course he jumped all over it and said "Oooh a project apron..." So I let him pick a color and he can't wait to wear it the next time we do a project.  I figured that was a good investment too, because the poor boy gets paint all over his clothes when he paints (so much so, that I considered letting him do it in his underwear, but then I wouldn't feel comfy posting pics of him like that on my blog, know what I mean?) and then if he wanted to wear it while he was helping me bake, then more power to him.    Even Rich thought it was a cute/good idea for him to have when he's doing his projects.

So there you have Dollar finds for the week.  Five bucks well spent!
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