Saturday, March 06, 2010

Steelers Footballers Basketball Team

The Steelers Footballers Basketball Team came to our town Thursday night and played against the faculty of our high school.  The kids had a great time.  We sat right next to the team, we probably could have leaned over a tiny bit and touched them, they were that close LOL!

Here they come.....
Warming up.....

See the girl with the camera? That's Amanda....snapping pics for the yearbook


Introducing the players:
Louis Lipps #83
Justin Vincent #28
Charlie Batch #16
James Harrison #92
Anthony Madison #37
Deshea Townsend #26

At halftime, they signed autographs...they set the clock for 15 mins and when the clock ran out, you couldn't get anymore.  Zach got his program signed by all of them....Sarah had them sign her basketball t'shirt (she got all of them)....And I tried helping Nathan, he got all but one.  You should have seen how excited he was by the whole thing and how disappointed he was that he missed one of them (we were almost at the front of the line when the buzzer rang).  I had to keep telling him it was okay, because the twins got them all LOL!

And for those wondering about Charlie's shoulder and arm....I texted Rich and told him that he was there and he said "Ask him if his arm and shoulder are healed." So as he was signing Nathan's paper, I said My husband wanted to know if your arm and shoulder are healed...To which Charlie replied "Yeah"
Of course he also proved it by shooting several baskets.

The autographs (Nate's paper is white and Zach's is yellow)....Sarah informed me that I was to never wash her t'shirt again.

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