Sunday, May 09, 2010

My Mother's Day In A Nutshell

I started out the day teasing my kids about not remembering it was Mother's Day or not getting me a present.  Of course, Nicholas jumped up and ran off to get me his gift and Nathan ran over to give me a huge hug.  And the twins gave me their homemade gifts.  Amanda told me she was going to make me a cake.  Anthony wasn't back from his trip, but was due back this morning.  Amanda asked me if she could pick him up, so Rich told her to put some gas in my car, since he knows how much I hate to pump gas.  Upon leaving the gas station, Amanda got a little too close to the wall and left some paint behind.  I guess she decided a $2,000 bill would make a great present. 

Rich and the kids got me a new microwave as a gift.  I blew up my last one....Oh, how I missed having a microwave! Thank you to my sweet dear hubby and kids for my new pretty toy!

Nathan picked me some dandelions! He's such a cutie!

Nicholas gave me this marigold and a homemade card

Sarah and Zachary made these cute little paper flowers with pom pom centers

Anthony brought me a big box of seashells from his trip (he knows how much I love seashells).  He went to Mrytle Beach with the high school band and chorus.

Our Mother's Day cookout - Yummy!

Amanda did make me a cake (jello poke cake) Double Yum!

Tasted like an orangesicle!

And just because she will never get to live this down......A reminder of Amanda's - um, little Big present!

Great day! Hope everyone enjoyed their Mother's Day and hope it was as memorable as mine! 

Happy Mother's Day!


Unknown said...

if that crushed door and fender is a present from amanda, how come i have to pay for it ?

jaz@octoberfarm said...

awwww..what a nice mother's day! and the dented door will make this a memorable one. sort of like the year i set my sister's thanksgiving table on fire. many thanksgivings have come and gone but everyone remembers that one!

Charlene Juliani said...

Because you pay for everything honey over and over and over again ;)

Jaz - LOL! I'm sure she loves reliving that memory every year!

cheri said...

now, this is a really memorable mother's day - even your husband will remember it :)

shuttling in from SITS :)