Saturday, May 22, 2010

Things That Make Me A Happy Girl

Getting Great Deals........aka Spending Money!

Old Navy had their annual Flip Flop sale today! Five pairs for Five bucks, can't beat that with a stick! Amanda, Sarah and I went together.  I bought five for me (cause...Um, I'm the mom, that's why!) and the girls and Nathan got two pairs each and Zach and Nick got one pair each.  We also went to the Dollar Tree and I bought Nathan some Winnie The Pooh books and got myself a few do-dads. 

I got this little beauty at a thrift store.  I have been looking for cute bake ware and things like that.   And saw this tart pan for $2.  It's even better than a normal tart pan, cause it's pretty =)

I also bought a huge clear glass bowl (think: fish bowl) to put the seashells in that Anthony brought me back from the beach.  And a little candle holder that I asked Rich to spray paint white for me (it was this ugly marble color).  I have been buying junk like that for months now and asking him to paint them for me and he does.  So when I showed him my newest little treasure, he just smiled and shook his head lol....LOVE him!

Watching My Guys Wrestle And Play

Little Ones.......

And Big Ones....

Love seeing these smiles when they are done!

Baking Delicious Fun Treats

And Sharing Them with Friends (Nathan's Story Hour Treat)

Making Yummy Meals

That My Family Enjoys

Yep.....I'm a Very Happy and Lucky Girl!

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