Friday, May 14, 2010

Ssssss - Snake!

I'm kind of proud of this one (to tell the truth lol!), it came out great and Nathan is LOVING it.  He's been playing with it ever since I told him the glue was dry!!

This craft is super cute, but it be honest it is a little time consuming and requires adult help with some of it.   You will need empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls, green and black paint, red ribbon or scrap of red paper (for the tongue), 2 wiggly eyes, glue, paper clips and string.

Start by cutting the empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls into sections.  We made six. 

Then paint the sections green (you can paint the insides too - we didn't). 

Next, using black paint, paint a design or stripe on the green paint. 

When the paint is dry, using a hole punch, make holes on both ends of the tube.  Take the paper clips and clip the tubes together on both sides (leaving some slack for the snake to wiggle around).

Glue on the wiggly eyes and tongue

Attach a string to the inside to make a cute pull toy. 

We used the time while the paint dried to practice writing the letter S.

And yes, my table is now free of green paint Hahaha! That poor table has taken so much abuse from my kids!
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