Wednesday, May 05, 2010

T is for Turtle

The worksheets we are using are print outs available here, for those who are wondering. They also have craft ideas and things like that. We are also using these worksheets with his name printed in dots, for him to practice writing his name. You can find the name tracing sheets here.

Our craft project today was a turtle. We painted two paper plates green. And printed out shapes for the turtle's back and body parts here. To make it more fun we crumpled up some newspaper and placed it between the two plates and then glued the plates together. I clipped some clothes pins around the edges to hold it together until the glue dried. Then Nathan glued the shapes on the turtle.



Emmy said...

Thanks for the links! Very cute turtles.

Kyrstin said...

Very cute turtle! He looks so proud of his work.

Debbiedoos said...

Mom of 6 bowing down now.....such a cute family. Following you back, hope you checked out my awesome giveaway!