Monday, May 17, 2010

They Like Me......They Really Like Me

It's always nice to be recognized and have other mommy bloggers treat you to an award now and then.  I've been given them before and had them posted on my blog and then took them off, because I thought my blog was too crowded.  But lately I've been thinking about putting them back on, especially now since I've gotten so many in the past month or so. 

This first award was given to me by My Mercurial Nature.   She said she loves my kids' crafts (sooo sweet of her to say).  Thank you for thinking of little ol' me!

The rules: List 10 HONEST ((s)crap?!) things about yourself......Let the fun begin, eh?

1.  I'm not much of a fruit and veggie or meat eater.  I love me some pasta (Carbs, anyone?).  Sometimes, I have to force myself to eat the "good" food, so that my kids get to see a good example of a some what 'healthy' diet.  Otherwise, I'd be living off m&ms and spaghetti.

2.  Sometimes when I make big dinners for my family (cabbage rolls, or roasted chicken and stuffing, etc.), I don't feel like eating it.  I guess after all the work that's involved in the prep and cooking kind of makes me not want it anymore.  I don't know how to explain it - I'm just weird, I guess

3.  I love saving money using coupons, but I absolutely hate cutting and sorting them.  I make the kids help me do it, so it doesn't seem like such a chore.

4.  I hate laundry.  With a family this size it's such a pain in the butt to do.  Right now, my laundry room has clothes All Over the Floor....I'm not kidding (I would take a pic, but it's too embarrasing).  And I have four baskets of clothes sitting on the floor in the living room waiting to be folded (and the bad part is, those baskets have been there for two plus weeks).

5.  I am the most unorganized person you will ever meet, I swear!  You would think being a mother of six, I would be super organized...but I'm not.  It makes Rich crazy (he has OCD - I call him Monk).  It must be love on his part to put up with my messiness all these years).

6.  I am late for EVERYTHING! I was even late on my wedding day - 'nuff said! Do you know that song by Brad Paisley - Waiting on a Woman.......That's Rich! He is always waiting on me, Always! 

7.  Even though I'm messy and unorganized, I get annoyed with the kids when they don't put the dishes in the right cupboards or when they just throw stuff in there.  Weird, huh? Maybe it just has to do with the fact that I don't like having stuff fall out and hit me in the head......and since I'm only 5'2" and can barely see in the cupboards anyway - it's annoying not knowing what's going to come crashing down on me.  LOL!

8.  I hate when my girls "borrow" my stuff....purses, bags, make up, shoes....Oh My God, how I hate when they borrow my shoes (their feet are bigger than mine, so why do they do that?!?).  But, I guess I should consider it a form of flattery that my teenage daughters think my stuff is Cool enough to steal, huh?

9.  I think it's cute how Amanda's best friend calls me "Mom".  And it makes me feel good that she thinks of me as another mother figure for her.

10. I sometimes feel like the "old grandma mom" when I'm at activites for Nathan.  Since most of the moms with kids his age are much younger than me.

There you have it.....All my honest (s)crap!

I'm passing this award to the following mommas :

Melissa....Completey Eclipsed
Kristy....Learning As They Grow
Kyrstin...See What We Did Today

The next two awards are from Jackie (My Perfect Little World).  She has the cutest little three year old!

I have gotten the Sunshine Award before, but it's such a cute, sunny, fun one that I'll accept it again and gladly pass on......
The Versatile Blogger Award is one that I haven't seen before.....The rules to accept this one are:

1. Thank the person who gave you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass the award along to other bloggers who you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic!
4. Contact the bloggers you've picked and let them know about the award
Hmmmm, 7 things about myself.....
1.  I have freckles - Lots of them!
2.  I'm addicted to Diet Coke
3.  I have a serious crush on Harrison Ford and Sean Connery (it's okay, my husband knows....)
4.  I love to watch crime Law and Order, Criminal Minds, Cold Case, etc.  But they scare the crap out of me - I hope no one in my family ever has to go through some of the crazy things that they show.
5.  Again, I love watching Paranormal State and Ghost Hunters, but then I'm afraid to go downstairs by myself when they're over.
6.  I hate scary movies....cause I'm a big chicken!
7.  I love the fact that my husband is so handy.  I come up with some hair brained idea and he makes it happen.  He's cool like that!
I'm passing these two awards onto:
My Mercurial Nature

And anyone else that wants to grab them........Just make sure you follow the rules, link back to me and pass them on.


julie said...

Thank You Charlene!

And I have to say that I SO hear you on the laundry.

Nicholas is constantly asking for shorts or underwear and the typical response is; "Have you checked the laundry pile in the guest room?" And when I say laundry pile, we're talking two stories high, completely covering the bed, laundry pile. I need to carve out a half a day just to make a dent in it! Yep, I hear ya on laundry.

Evonne said...

Congrats on your awards!

This reminds me I have laundry to do. I, too, am addicted to crime shows and paranormal shows!

My Mercurial Nature said...

Aw, thank you! Meanwhile, did you know Law & Order is ending? I think the season finale is this week. It makes me SO sad. And yet, like you, those shows scare me to the point that I lay awake and hear noises all night. LOL

Charlene Juliani said...

Ohhh Noooo, say it ain't so! I didn't know it was ending. Dang! I've been watching it from the beginning (did the same thing with E.R. - Loved that show).

Thank God for reruns =-)

LoveMeDaily said...

Congrats on the awards!!!

When I started reading #1, I was confused, thinking well then, what Does she eat?! Carbs! You have to love carbs! I love me some pasta and bread!

Have you ever had a spaghetti sandwich? Genius!

Emmy said...

Thanks so much for the awards! I will definitely have to post them sometime. I am disorganized myself... I have gotten better over the years since it matters so much to my husband... But yeah definitely not my favorite thing.

Kyrstin said...

Thank you for the award!! How nice of you!

Unknown said...

Thanks so much doll face!

Angelica said...

Thank you!! Made my day (night) things are a bit crazy but I will get to posting soon, 7 things about me shouldnt be too hard...congrats on your award.

Aimee said...

Thank to this so not sure what to do from here....but will try to figure it out! :)