Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rr is for Rooster

I've been doing tons of research looking for fun craft ideas, themes and things for our Alphabet days.  Nathan is getting lots of practice with his letter writing.  And he's having tons of fun making crafts (I am too).
I found this template at  It was in the craft section.  I printed out the black and white version (I usually try to print the b&w version of most of the projects we do, gives him extra to color).  Then, I used the pattern to cut out a more colorful version of the craft.  We took black paper as a backdrop and glued all the pieces of the Rooster to the paper.  It came out great.

We made two crafts today, because neither one took very long.

Letter Writing

And Tracing (found this little gem on  So this rooster has some transgender issues and can lay eggs lol - Nathan didn't know the difference to him it was a rooster, I didn't tell him otherwise.

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