Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Crapity Crap.....

*The other day, I used a gift card at the pharmacy and there was a dollar left on it.  The cashier said
"There's only a dollar on here, do you want me to throw it away?"  I said, you want to take a dollar out of your wallet and have me throw it away? Heck, it's a dollar...that's like a whole candy bar or something.  Give me my card lady!

*It drives me batty when I'm treasure hunting (thrift store shopping or yard sailing) and someone follows me around commenting on the stuff that I'm carrying. I hate that, makes me feel like if I put it down for a second that they are going to swipe it. LOL! Back off lady, I saw it first!

*Speaking of thrift stores, I absolutely have to use hand sanitizer after I'm done shopping in those places. I feel so germ-y until I use it, even when I haven't touched anything.

*Yesterday, I took the boys trick or treating at Walmart.  Afterwards, I took them to Bob Evans because Amanda was working.  She treated them to a sundae and a kids' meal and me to a cup of coffee and a piece of pumpkin cheesecake (hmmm, yummy).  I met one of Amanda's supervisors and she told me they all love Amanda and that she does a great job.  Does a mom's heart good to hear that!  So, then I did my mommarazzi sneak attack, and took pictures of her working  - Hahahaha! I showed her and she said "I so hate you right now."  I said "Good, that means I'm doing my job right."

*This morning Nathan told me I was the prettiest, "sparky-est" mommy evah....I thought that was sweet.  Then I looked in the mirror and I really was all sparky-est - with glitter all over my face. LOL! I'm glad this wasn't one of my errand running days! 

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