Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Moms That Blog (The Interviews)

Introducing.........Ana Sofia Byrd, but you can call her Sofia - She's a beautiful mother of two adorable little boys.  Sofia loves Chocolate, Coffee and Glee...How can we not love her?! And she always has super awesome giveaways on her blog and that's what makes her a great Mom That Blogs!

Tell us a bit about yourself...........I'm 25. Wife. Mom to 2 boys. We live in Portland. But I am originally from Mexico. I am a SAHM and love every second of it, though I do go crazy at times.

When did you first start blogging.........I started my first blog in September 2008, my second, From PDX with Love, I started a few weeks back.

What is your blog about.........It is mainly about stuff that goes through my mind, about my life as a mom and wife and I tend to talk alot about my day with the boys.

Why do you blog............I started blogging so that my parents, who live in Texas, could stay in touch with our lives, specially Alexander's (he was 4 mths old when I started blogging).

Must read blogs that you visit daily............I visit Bloggy Moms daily (though it is not a blog per se), Bakerella, Tumblr, Coco's Tea Party (fashion blog), and gossip sites?

What inspires you...........My family.

You can read more about Sofia by checking out her great blog at - From PDX with Love

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