Friday, October 15, 2010

I've Been Featured On TIP JUNKIE!!

After the response I got this summer, when I posted our little piratey adventure, I thought "Heck, why not submit it to Tip Junkie and see if it warrants a feature.  It's worth the effort."

Tip Junkie, for those that don't know, is a wonderful resource blog full of craft tips, activities for kids, organizational tips, etc.  It's one of the "go to" blogs when you're looking for new blogs to read and gather info for ideas on just about any topic you might be interested in.  It's a HUGE honor to be featured on Tip Junkie (at least in my meager opinion). 

I seriously had forgotten all about sending in my pirate ideas for kids.  So, when I got the email last night that my blog was going to be featured....Naturally, I was thrilled beyond all belief !!! Then I got to thinking, Man, I hope when people stop by to check out my ideas that they don't think I'm a big goof ball or something.  LOL! Who in their right mind finds all these things that I do with my kids interesting enough to read? My life really isn't all that exciting.  My house is a mess, I hate my part time job, I have half started projects all over the place, I'm by no means perfect.  I'm just like everyone else trying to do the best for my family. 

I started this blog just to express my feelings and record memories of my kids.  It has grown into so much more.  And for that....I'm actually kind of proud of myself.  Now, my kids ask me "What are we going to do today?" "Where's the cupcakes..cookies, etc.?" Amanda (I know) has shown this little blog to her friends and teachers.  She had a teacher ask her to "ask her mom" about a recipe.  She designed and made my blog button.  The other kids get excited when they see big packing boxes outside our door.  They ask "So what you get this time."  They play with the bubble wrap and empty boxes.  They are excited for me.  That makes me a happy mom.  What mom in the world doesn't at some point seek the approval of her kids?! Well, somehow, I managed to not only seek it, but acheive it.  Wow.  I've overheard Rich talking about my blog and he's actually asked me to help him start one.  LOL!

I don't think you could wipe the smile off my face lately....And that's something!

So here, I am.....little ol' me on TIP JUNKIE!!!!!   Check it out!!   We're funny seeing Nicholas and Nathan's pirate pic on TIP JUNKIE  -  LOL!!  LOVE It!!
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