Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Great "Spooky" Halloween Books

We have been reading a lot of fun, cute and "scary" Halloween books lately.  Including Scooby Doo books, the little boys love reading Scooby books, but they make my mouth and throat hurt, because they are chapter books.  I have to break them up into two days worth of reading LOL! Mommy gets tired.....

Here are some of our favorite Halloween books - so far:

Psssst It's Me.......The Boogey Man by Barbara Park

This one is a fun play on the boogey man and all he represents....My boys love it, we've read it several times now.   Just don't let your foot dangle over the bed, you never know who's hiding under there ;-)

They also LOVE this next book.  In fact, one morning when I was sleeping Nathan woke me up to a wonderful surprise.  He was drawing pictures from this book onto a sheet of paper.  He draws a mean ant! 

There Was An Old Monster! by Rebecca, Adrian and Ed Emberley

We have read several counting books with Halloween tales.  One of which is 10 Trick or Treaters by Janet Schulman.   Nathan liked counting backwards.

Another one we loved was There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed  A Bat....same concept as all the "swallowing" books.  For some reason, Nathan really enjoys listening to these ones, maybe it's the repetition of the word?

There have been plenty more books that we have read lately....Ghost books, Leaf books, Pumpkin books, etc.  I'll just say it again, I LOVE this season, it's such a great time for family fun!

Do you have any favorite books that you would like to share?

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