Friday, October 08, 2010

How Pathetic Am I?

* That every time the Fed Ex or UPS truck goes past my house without stopping in my driveway, I get disappointed!

*That I check my email about 50 times a day for new blog comments or for emails from companies inquiring about reviews or giveaways!

*That I get all misty eyed looking at Nathan's school papers every afternoon!

*That my heart still does little flip flops when my husband grabs my hand when we're walking or when he kisses my cheek when he thinks I'm sleeping!

*That my heart melts each time my little boys look back at me in the drop off lane at school and wave and blow kisses at me while they walk towards the door!

*That I secretly wish that Nathan will always love hugs and kisses from mommy!

*That I hope Nicholas will still love to cuddle with me on the couch when he gets older !

*That I love being known as the cupcake mom to my kids' friends!

*That I enjoy having the "hang out" house, cause it makes me feel cool enough to hang with my kids!

*That I love how my daughter's best friend calls me "Mom"!

*That I love that my kids let me think I'm a fun mom, even when they roll their eyes at me behind my back!

*That I brag about my kids non stop!

*That I wish my kids would never grow up and leave me!

*That I wish I could still have another baby, even though I already have 6 and thought I was *done*!

*That I enjoy having my husband brag about my cooking and my kids brag about my baking!

*That I actually enjoyed canning and gardening and the work that it involved!

*That I get giddy everytime I step into the Dollar store and see something I can use as a new craft idea!

*That I love the smell of books at the library and get excited when they get new ones (especially children's and cookbooks)!

*That my heart pitter patters when I walk into the cookie, cake and candy supply store with anticipation of finding new cupcake liners or sprinkles or cookie cutters or......!

*That I really want an apron, after years of just wiping flour on my pants and not giving a fig about it!

Yeah......I must be pretty pathetic, huh?
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