Wednesday, April 18, 2012

the birthday girl

Nathan made me a crown for my party

and I wore it the whole time Ha!

I wasn't the only one who turned 40

For those that don't know....I have a twin brother.

the last time we celebrated a birthday together, I think we were 22.

I dropped by his workplace with a couple of cupcakes and candles.

I love my brother.

Amanda called and said "Mom, don't cook dinner, because I'm making pizza and we're having a party for you."

She made pizza (psst, she made the crust and said Mom, can you help me with this..I walked into the kitchen to a blob of dough on the pan hahaha....)

and a cake (she baked the cake and said Hey Mom, can you help me with the frosting....heheh)

made me laugh!

and yeah, there were 40 stinkin' candles on that cake!

Anthony decorated with streamers and balloons

Oh My....that's ALOT of candles!!!

Need a big breath to blow all those bad boys out

Yeahhhh baby...I got 'em ALL!

Nathan made me a card

he gave me 6 pennies too :)

thanks baby boy

Nicholas gave me 4 quarters (a big sacrifice on his part, he's trying to collect them)
Aren't kids funny with homemade presents?


Ahhhh.....let's go shopping!

My bunch of love bugs!

I had such an awesome weekend....

party with my family

shopping at the kitchen store

and a spa day courtsey of Amanda

a facial...a manicure...a pedicure...lunch

Oh and I started living my adventures of the next 40 years - I got my first eyebrow wax.

I know, that's probably not such a big adventure to most people, but to me....well, I've avoided it because I didn't want to go through the pain.

It wasn't so bad ripping off a bandaid.

My eyebrows are happy that I went through with it and didn't chicken out again.

My face is soft and smooth, my toes are pink and pretty and my nails are french and happy :)

Such a great start to my next 40 years!!

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