Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Did you have a bad day Mommy?

Sunday, was a horrible day.

everything that could go wrong - did.

Went to the grocery store and walked off with half my purchases (had to turn around and go back)

The dog pooped on our kitchen floor

I burned the bacon that I was planning on using for dinner (I made Anthony cook the rest of it)

Nathan had a bloody nose and wiped his blood on the couch and the wall, before I caught him

I was dyeing something in our laundry room sink and the water drained out before I was through

there is more...but I blacked those bad memories out haha!

When I told Nathan I was having a really bad day,

he said that's okay Mommy, we all have bad days.

Then he hugged me and told me that he loved me


I left to go to the store.

and when I got back I found this on my sewing table....

Nathan said it was an "I love you Mommy" book

and anytime I felt bad or sad or mad or whatever

that I should read his book and remember that somebody loves me.

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