Friday, August 22, 2008


About ten years or more ago, I found out I was allergic to cats (among other things, such as mold). I'm almost positive that the whole eye swollen thing was due to the allergy. Either A: I picked up the cat and then rubbed my face or eyes. Or B: I was in a room where he (the cat) lays around licking himself and therefore there is dander spreading around in that room. This eye swollen thing has happened several times over the years. The only time I felt fine, is when we didn't have a cat. And I knew this, Rich knew this. So we went catless for a few years. But I felt guilty the entire time, because the kids and Rich are huge cat people. They love any animal, hence the zoo we have in our house. I on the other hand can't deal with them. They make me sick.

A few years ago, while Rich was in grad school he met a physically challenge woman. The woman's daugther had a cat, but couldn't keep it anymore because she was going to college and you can't have pets in dorms. And the lady couldn't take care of it herself due to her disability. So the lady asked Rich if he thought the kids would like a cat. He said he didn't know and he would have to discuss it with me.

I like a dumbass decided to let the cat stay. I felt so bad that their other cat ran away (it kept going back to our old house). Rich said it was up to me whether we took the cat or not. Yep, the guilt won out and we took the cat. Ever since then I've been dealing with this stupid cat allergy.

Lesson learned, don't ever give in when you know you shouldn't. When this cat goes, I won't be letting anymore in this house. That's for sure!

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~B. said...

How old is your cat?

I am so with you on this one. But I so wish that my eyes didn't start to itch whenever I even just see a picture. Because I truly do love cats.