Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Egg Carton Christmas Tree by JDaniel4's Mom

Today's guest post is written by JDaniel4's Mom....I love her blog! She is so creative and does so many fun and crafty things.  I'm loving the craft that she came up with for this book as well.
I recently read the books Duck and Goose Christmas by Tad Hills to my son. The two main characters are struggling with wanting each other to do different things one winter day before Christmas. Goose just wants to enjoy Christmas fun and joy by sledding, making snow ducks,  skating and so much more. Duck wants to get the Christmas tree decorated and be done with it if only he can get Goose to stop playing.

Duck spends the whole book trying to get Goose on task. He can’t enjoy the fun Goose is having when there are thing to be completed.

My son JDaniel and I can be like Duck and Goose. How? It is so easy for me to get caught in just wanting to get Christmas activities done and move on to the next thing on my  list. JDaniel is a lot like Goose he wants to enjoy the moment.

Creating the Christmas tree I am going to show you how to make is the perfect example. JDaniel wanted to explore all the decorations for the tree, mix them in a bowl, and build cakes with the supplies. I was ready to glue them down.


2 Cardboard egg cartons
1 Piece of cardboard
Green paint
Brown paint
Assorted decorations


1. Arrange egg cups for cardboard egg cartons on a piece of cardboard. One cup in the top row, two in the second, three in the third, four in the fourth, five in the fifth, and six in the bottom row.

2. Glue the egg carton pieces to the cardboard.

3. After letting the glue dry, cut around the edge of the egg cup tree to get rid of extra cardboard.

4.Paint the tree green and the trunk brown.

5. Glue various decorations to the tree.

6.Sit back and enjoy the finished product.

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