Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Peppermint Candy Centerpieces by The H Family Happenings

Hello, I'm Tys, you can find me and my misadventures over at The H Family Happenings. I'm a stay at home mom to three boys ages 5 to 6 months! I blog about just about anything but often you'll find it related to trying to bring creativity into my life. Sometimes through home decor, stuff with the kids, crafts, and holiday fun!
I was so honored and excited with Char asked me to guest blog! I've known her via an online moms group for almost 5 years now, hard to believe. She presented me with coming up with a Dollar store craft. I had some ideas in mind instantly. I wanted to make some centerpieces for my oldest's preschool Christmas party, since I signed up for decor/paper goods this time.
Scoured pinterest of course and these were my inspiration (it says this pin was uploaded by user so there's no one I can find to credit)....
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We came home from the store with this....

Now I had planned on making peppermint candy TREES. However, while Dollar Store has floral foam, they do not have it in cone form. Bah-hum-bug! So I had to think on my feet (kind of scary), I grabbed 3 glasses hoping to make the tree shape.
Busted out my 24 year old glue gun (yes, I asked Santa for a new one!). I started out by wrapping the foam base with the garland a couple times to cover it.

Then one by one I started gluing the candy onto the glass (that I stuffed with white tissue paper just so IF it could be seen through the candy it just didn't look like candy on a glass, lol!). I left the wrappers on because I could only imagine preschoolers trying to pick them off to eat!

When I got to the top I realized a nice cone/tree shape was not going to happen. I topped it with a ribbon and a candy on top for more of a dome or cloche look.

Price to make is about $2.75 each! They're about 10" high with a 6" base. I still need to make 2 more to be ready for his little school party!
Thanks so much for reading! Thank you Char for having me! I'd love to have you come visit me over at The H Family Happenings soon! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
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