Wednesday, February 27, 2008

awww, what a guy!

Amanda still needs a few things for her costumes and I was going to take her tonight, after she came home from drama club practice. Rich went out to run some errands and calls me. He tells me not to take Amanda out tonight. He will do it, since the roads are bad and he doesn't want me to drive on them. Isn't that sweet?

Earlier, the kids were up to their usual sheningans (fighting with each other, screaming at each other, and picking on each other). I was going to tell Rich that I finally had enough and couldn't take it anymore. On my way to the bedroom where he was doing some on-line business, he comes out and tells the kids to sit on the couch, because he was going to have a talk with them. Did the man read my mind or what?

It's funny how the little things mean so much. Sometimes more than the big stuff!
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