Tuesday, February 26, 2008

mommy needs a time out

really bad!!!

I am stressed out - I have a sick little boy, who certainly is not acting very sick! He is tearing up the house, fighting with his little brother, getting into everything, and making messes in every single room of the house. I asked the older kids to help out, when they got home from school and of course they couldn't be bothered. Rich is in bed sick so no help from him. I wanted the older kids to take the little ones downstairs to the family room and play with them. Just to keep them occupied for a little while so I could think straight for a few minutes (and plan dinner). I am even more frustrated that they wouldn't help, because in the meantime, they made even more of a mess.

I am at my wit's end!! I think after I take Zachary to his game tonight, I'm dropping him off and having Amanda babysit. And I am going somewhere, just by myself. Maybe I'll go to Barnes and Noble and pick a book to read and just sit in utter silence in the store! Or maybe I will go window shopping at the mall, but that might be a little loud and maybe crowded. Or maybe I will go hide in my room, with some ear plugs and sleep. Or maybe I will just grab a magazine and sit in my car and read it.

All I know right now is that I am getting a migraine headache and I really feel like crying! My house is trashed and I don't even know where to start in order to clean it.
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