Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Something cute

The sickies in our house finally made their way to Nicholas and he is sick. Poor little guy! When I got home from work on Sunday night, he had a fever. So I gave him tylenol and some other medicine, and kept him home from school today. The medicine must have kicked in today, because that little man was wound to the max this afternoon. At bedtime, I told him to go to bed, while I was busy with some other things. About ten minutes later when I went to check on him, he wasn't in his bed. He wasn't under his bed or in his closet either. I started to panic a little bit. I knew he was sleeping somewhere because I didn't hear him talking. But I didn't know where in the house he was. I knew he wasn't in the livingroom, because I just came from there. And I knew he wasn't in the kitchen, because I would have seen him go in there from where I was in the livingroom. He wasn't in the bathroom, or the girls' room. So on an off chance I looked in my room. At first I didn't see him. Then I looked again and saw the blue from his pajama pants. He was and still is on the floor covered up with blankets and pillows on my side of the bed. I left him there, because he is heavy to begin with and because he has never really slept in our room before. I mean there were occasions when he was sick or scared, but not very often. So it was kind of cute to see him laying there on the floor. Poor little guy!
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