Tuesday, February 12, 2008

OMG The Funniest Thing Happened Today

So I'm trying to potty train Nathan, right? Oh my, I'm not sure he's ready yet. I think he grasps the concept and all that. He will even stay dry for long periods of time, But he will not poop in the potty. He ran into another room today and actually hid from me, just to poop, LOL! Then he did it again, only this time he took the pull-ups off and threw them away, and went to get another pair, hoping I wouldn't see him. That little bugger is sneaky! But that's not the funniest thing. I made him sit on the potty while I was making lunch today. I even put the potty chair in the living room so he could watch tv while he sat there. And what did he do? He fell asleep! Sitting on the potty, LMAO!! It was so freaking funny! I even took a picture of it! But alas, the picture came out blurry, so I can't share it, but oh was it ever funny!
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