Thursday, February 07, 2008

I want be the "not me kid"

Seriously, the "not me kid" gets away with everything!! If you think about it, you can do all sorts of really bad stuff and get away with all of it, if you are invisible. The "not me kid" gets blamed for everything in our house, but since I can never seem to find them and catch him or her, they can get away with so many rotten things.

It seems that lately all the kids have been saying "not me" when asked if they have done something wrong. No one ever wants to fess up to anything. It's not like we are going to even punish them half the time, we just want to know who did it and why they did it. It used to be they would blame everything on who ever was the youngest. Nicholas would get the blame for drawing on the walls, opening all the soda cans and not drinking them, climbing up the shelves and throwing games on the floor, etc. Then it was Nathan. He was getting blamed for things he could not even physically do, like open pudding cups, or the door to the game closet, etc. He just doesn't have the capabilities to do those sort of things. Now this "not me kid" has showed up out of the blue. And he seems to do everything bad in our house.

I think I like it better when Sarah comes to us crying so badly she can't breathe, because she accidently broke a tree limb on a tree we were cutting down anyway. Or when she sobs about accidently kicking a ball and breaking a spotlight on our garage door. At least she doesn't blame it on anyone else. She will confess about anything and everything. And she barely ever gets in trouble for it, since she never lies about it. You would think the other kids would learn from her example and not lie and just tell us what happened, but instead they need to invent this "not me kid" and it's hard to tell who is telling the truth and who is lying half the time. So the "not me kid" gets the blame, until someone else confesses.

So yeah, I want to be the "not me kid" so I can get away with everything too!
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