Saturday, February 09, 2008

potty training

So I think the time is getting near for Nathan to be potty trained. I think I did a half decent job with Amanda and even Anthony, but the twins were so freaking hard to potty train. Rich ended up doing it with Zachary. In one day, no less! He just took him with him to the mall one day, and everytime he had to go, he made Zach go and viola, he was trained. Sarah was an absolute nightmare to train. The girl refused to do anything. Then I finally got her to pee in the potty, but she would never poop. I don't think she was trained until she was well over four years old. Nicholas was just as bad as Sarah. Rich did most of the work with him too. He bought little trinkets and wrapped them up and everytime Nick would do anything he would get a prize. Nicholas still has some bedwetting issues, that I honestly thought were related to his sleep apnea. But when his tonsils and adenoids were removed the apnea went away, and he still wets the bed some nights. Other than waking him up at various times through the night, I don't know how to fix it.

So now I think it's Nathan's turn. He is two and a half years old. It would be nice to get it done before he turns three. It would be so nice to not have our house smell like a public restroom. So I think in the next couple of days and weeks I'm going to test the water and try to see if he's ready. I surely hope so, because as I previously stated in another post, I am getting tired of changing diapers. I know that's kind of funny, since I do have to do that sort of thing at work, but at least I'm getting paid for that. I'm not getting paid to do it at home. And it's not easy having a two year old kick you in the mouth every time. Or flop all over the place, so that the diaper practically ends up backwards. And listening to him scream each time because he hates it is such a joy to hear. So I have a few weeks coming up, where I have some chunks of days in a row, with a few days here and there that I have to work, so I'm hoping, fingers crossed, to get the ball rolling on this potty training thing, again. One last time!
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