Monday, November 01, 2010

Best Laid Plans.....

......I had every intention of making a few more Halloween crafts with the kids and a few other goodies.  I have tons of Halloween cupcake liners and sprinkles left that I was going to use yesterday.  The liners, I can throw in a box and use next year, but all know how the guilt likes to eat us alive, right?  Oh well, that's life as they say. 

Yesterday, I didn't feel very well, but I brushed it off, because I wanted the kids to still have fun.  But, by the time they were done trick or treating my heart just wasn't in it anymore.  Plus, Amanda ended up losing her cell phone somewhere along the way, so that put a damper on my mood.  Then, we all went to our friends' house to watch the Steelers game.  It was fun, the kids got to beat up Vince (our friend), which he loved rolling around on the floor with them and I got to talk to Terri and have an adult conversation with someone other than Rich. 

By the time, we got home from their house, I was really feeling throat was on fire, I was coughing and my nose was running.  I felt like I was freezing to death.  I had three blankets on me, the heat cranked up and asked Anthony to get a space heater out of the workshop for me.  I was completely miserable. 

I was up and down all night long, my whole body hurt like hell.  Somewhere in the middle of the night, Rich told me he was sick and throwing up.  Great! I was supposed to work today, but I called off sick...there was no way I could work like this.  I'm off until Saturday, which is nice.  Maybe I can get some rest and feel better by then {{fingers crossed}}.

Here are some pics of the kids trick or treating....Nicholas and Nathan were the only ones that dressed up this year.  Zach and Sarah went around and got some candy anyway, without costumes.  They had fun, even though I wasn't feeling well...and that's all that really mattered.  And hey, there's always Thanksgiving and Christmas crafts to be made.

The look of pure exhilaration on his face......Priceless!

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